Andrew MacLachlan

Teaching Fellow in Spatial Data Science and Visualisation

University College London


Andrew’s research interests revolve around developing data-driven urban development recommendations to enhance future sustainability and optimise resource investment. This covers the broad themes of: city science, spatial data analysis, dynamic population modelling and earth observation. His doctoral research used Earth observation to quantify urban growth and demonstrated its application to sustainable city development. With a background in remote sensing Andrew has also been involved with field validation of Sentinel-3 data.


  • Spatial analysis
  • Remote sensing
  • Applied policy research


  • PhD in Geography and Envrionment, 2018

    The University of Southampton and The University of Western Australia

  • MSc in GIS and Remote Sensing, 2014

    The University of Southamtpon

  • BA in Human Geography, 2013

    The University of Sheffield, with study abroad at The University of Wollongong

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Urban Growth Dynamics in Perth, Western Australia, Using Applied Remote Sensing for Sustainable Future Planning

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